The Level I Umpiring Program Candidates in Qatar, October 2013. Bomi Jamula is seated, third from the right

ACC Resource Person Bomi Jamula has been playing his part in raising the standard of umpiring across the region. In Qatar he spent 25 hours over eight days taking 23 umpires through an ACC Level I Umpiring Program. All participants were also briefed on the new MCC Laws of Cricket which came into effect from October 2013.

As usual, the course covered the essentials of umpiring, match management and field craft along with the Laws and practical demonstration. In Doha this time, Bomi reports that “the candidates were a mix of experienced and those who took up umpiring about a year back and also included a few teachers.” Bomi had logistic support from Malik Nazar Mohammad of thr QCA. All the ACC Umpiring Resource Personnel – Bomi Jamula, Peter Manuel, Mahboob Shah, with decades’ worth of top-flight umpiring under the belt – are emphatic in declaring umpiring’s not just about making correct decisions, it’s about being decisive, it’s about managing the environment of the game, it’s about communicating with players and fellow officials.

Of the 23 who went through the course just two failed to make the grade, according to Bomi who said that, “it was apparent that some of these umpires will do a good job in umpiring.” Umpires are in increasing demand in Qatar as two new turf grounds came online in 2012 along with a 12% rise in player numbers.

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Filed November 7th, 2013