The Iran Cricket Association are taking a fresh tack in their development program and taking the game to schools. “Their aim is to reach 3000 new schoolchildren in the Tehran region this year,” says ACC Development Officer for Iran Iqbal Sikander. With their first effort, the ICA have coached 150 girls.

“Iran cricket is something that is taking two steps back to go three steps forward, their view is that they should create something distinctively Iranian, fuelled by Iranian cricketers from schools and colleges. By doing this there will be enough means to sustain the game from within. To have a team that does consistently well on the international stage, it is vital to have a country that is always creating cricketers who can play the game at all ages with a hope to play for their country. Patriotic fervour is something Iran is not short of!” says Iqbal.

Saeed Behrozi (left) with the Sport and Youth Minister of Iran (right)

In a further attempt to popularise the game, the Iran Cricket Association exhibited their wares at the national SPORTEX convention in Tehran in an attempt “to attract new members.” Secretary General Saeed Behrozi, explains: “The CIA (sic) introduced cricket to the audiences by distributing posters and brochures and playing training movies and some movies from cricket competitions. CIA attracted 400 new members in three categories (U-16, U-19 and adults) from men and women.”

The Sport and Youth Minister of Iran (a post formed only in August 2011) Mohammad Abbasi, also visited the ‘cricket pavilion’, “getting more familiar with cricket and promised to support CIA (sic) in order to develop cricket in Iran,” says Mr. Behrozi.

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Filed November 9th, 2012