2010 ACC Trophy Challenge Winners

The Cricket Board of Maldives will be giving performance-related cash bonuses to its national team players from now on. Under the CBM Bonus Scheme there are rewards for 50s, 100s. 5-fors and team wins. “The Bonus Scheme has been instituted to reward excellence by players and to inspire the team to do well while on national duty,” says the CBM.

ACC Development Officer for the Maldives Rumesh Ratnayake is impressed by the scale of the rewards and recognizes them as “a necessary carrot to keep players going”. The Maldives is an ICC Affiliate cricket nation, relatively low as yet on the ACC rankings and thus receiving less ACC and ICC development funding (US$68,500 in 2011) in comparison to a higher-ranked country (the four-highest receive US$88,500 each in 2011). Nevertheless its small scale, fewer player numbers and, more significantly, substantial government and private sector support mean that it can start this Bonus Scheme and directly reward its players for the successes that may come their way.

Cricket Board of Maldives President A.H.Didi at the announcement of the CBM Bonus Scheme, Malé, November 2011

“Maldives is also a very expensive place to live and what we’ve been finding is that a lot of players have to devote themselves to jobs to earn a living. These bonuses aren’t going to necessarily attract people to choose cricket as an income but its going to keep them going and give an incentive for those who had to give up cricket, to come back,” says Rumesh. “There’s a lot going on in Maldives, and the more vibrant and successful cricket is seen to be, the more of a ‘good get-away’ sport its going to appear to the schools and communities,” he adds. This month the Cricket Association of Nepal also announced that it would be providing monthly allowances of Nepali Rupees 5000 (approx. US$65) to its national squad.

The Maldives are currently in Sri Lanka, along with Hong Kong, preparing for the ACC Twenty20. “You need to pretty much 100% spot on in Twenty20 cricket. There’s no comeback from a mistake,” says Rumesh. If Maldives are consistently at their best they could win quite a few bonuses.

The CBM Bonus Scheme
Championship win - each player to receive Rufiyaa 7,500
Semi-final qualification - each player to receive Rufiyaa 2,500
Win - team will receive Rufiyaa 7,000 for each win
Each 5 wicket haul - player will receive Rufiyaa 5,000
50s - player will receive Rufiyaa 2,500
100s - player will receive Rufiyaa 5,000.

(Currently 1US$ = 15.35 Maldives Rufiyaa)

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Filed November 29th, 2011