Rusdi Latif at Mulaut Primary School

Six schools have taken part in the first U-13 Junior School Cricket Competition in Brunei. It was the players’ first experience of competitive cricket and already some have been spotted who could be part of the 2012 U-15 national team. “With a little push and encouragement, cricket can reach anyone in Brunei”, says Brunei Darussalam Cricket Association Development Manager Rusdi Latif.

Brunei’s administrators are taking the game into schools in a concerted effort to encourage junior cricketers “to simply, enjoy cricket both as a sport and activity within their age group,” says Rusdi. Before the tournament, and a week after the workshop for Junior School teachers, Rusdi Latif, as part of an ‘In-School Program’ visited several primary schools to help teachers to coach and teach them how to play the game, both in theory and in practice.

Rusdi was impressed in particular by two primary schools at the Water Village in Bandar Seri Bagawan who made use of their limited facilities to give their pupils a chance to bat, throw and run. “That’s all you need at this level,” says ACC Development Officer for Brunei Aminul Islam; “if you give a child a chance to hit and they enjoy that feeling of clean contact and then another takes a catch and then another bowls a good ball, these are the things that draw people into cricket.”

Cricket starter kits were donated to the schools.

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Filed November 21st, 2011