Iqbal Sikander in Tehran with Iran Cricket Association Officials (from left to right) International & Public Relations Officer Minoo Hamdolahzadeh, General Secretary Saeed Behrozi, President Afshin Heidari

Iran’s cricketers have been going through the mill in the past couple of years, through one thing and another, their teams have either not been appearing in international competition or when doing so, have not been playing as they should. All that may be about to change. “They have a new administration, one that really wants to create the best possible conditions for cricket in the Iran,” says ACC Development Programs Co-ordinator Ganesan Sundarammoorthy who has returned from the Islamic Republic after going there to help the new Association representatives understand the ACC’s and ICC’s administrative requirements.

The former Baseball-Cricket Federation of Iran has been downgraded by the national sports authorities to the Iran Cricket Association. There is now less centralised funding and less attention. With this new set of circumstances comes a chance to focus solely on cricket. Three administrators, one of them a national player, Minoo Hamdolahzadeh, attended the ACC Management Course in Kuala Lumpur after Ganesan’s visit to Tehran. They reported the significant steps they are taking. “The grounds we hoped for cricket were taken away by the government, but we have been given four new ones in Zahedan, Gulistan, Chabahar and Tehran,” says Iran Cricket Association General Manager (and former manager of the national team) Saeed Behrozi. The biggest of the grounds, in Tehran, has 60-yard boundaries. All currently have concrete and artificial turf wickets, and there are plans to install turf at the ground in Zahedan.

The ACC’s Ganesan Sundarammoorthy (on right) exchanging gifts and more in Tehran

“The level of enthusiasm in Iran is very good to see,” says the country’s ACC Development Officer Iqbal Sikander, who recently conducted a LI coaching program in Tehran. “The current generation of administrators have either been involved with the game for some time or have backgrounds which will suit the game’s development. They are committed to be more active in ACC events and I think we can expect to see to them climb up the rankings in the years ahead,” he says.

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Filed November 9th, 2011