Cricketers from Khon Kaen

176 of Thailand’s best young cricketers are taking part in the country’s first National Youth Cricket Championship. It is the latest link in a chain of events which started eight years ago in Thailand when local cricketers were first introduced to the game through a concept called ‘Sawasdee Cricket’.

There are men’s and women’s U-19 teams spanning seven provinces across Thailand in this tournament. For a long time cricket in Thailand was played only in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and its spread across the country has been a major part of the development work of the Cricket Association of Thailand. Coaches and players have travelled to schools all over the country to encourage participation.

With this tournament serving as preparation for cricket’s entry into the National Youth Games in Phetchabun, north-central Thailand, in March 2010 where cricket will be one of 31 disciplines, Thailand is emerging as one of the region’s success stories for the number and quality of indigenous cricketers who are coming through.

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Filed Nov 19th, 2009