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10 former international cricketers were among the 29 coaches in attendance in Dhaka for the first ever ACC/CA Level III coaching course. “It’s the pinnacle of coach education programs,” said presenter and General Manager, Game Development at Cricket Australia Ross Turner. “It brings to a completion one complete cycle of ACC coach education which started with the first Level I course in 2001.”

“A Level III course teaches a vital part of the skills needed in order to be a successful coach. Coaching a national team as many of the attendees do, it’s important that they broaden their understanding of all that such a high-level position involves. It's not just knowledge of cricket skills, a Level III teaches how to get the most out of a player’s skills and therefore how to be an effective coach,” said ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura.

The three ACC Development Officers were also present. Iqbal Sikander who qualified as a Level III coach in 2001 said, “performance in cricket matters a great deal more now. If Asian countries are to get ahead then it’s all about High Performance. Level III is a qualification demanding a lot of coaches and in order to pass the course they will have to understand a lot more not just about cricket but about their own abilities as coaches."

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Filed Nov 3rd, 2009

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