ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura between two Iranian Federation officials at Thakti

Two new cricket grounds are being built in Iran by the country's Baseball-Cricket Federation. The first ground is at Thakti and will have an artificial wicket while the second at Kiraj, being built by the Olympic Committee, will be a multi-purpose ground for baseball and cricket.

Kiraj Kiraj's bleachers

"Things are shaping up nicely in Iran at the moment. The Federation is gratified by the interest shown in them by the ACC and keen to show themselves worthy of ACC activity," says Development Officer for Iran Iqbal Sikander.

Iran's Olympic Association is keen to field eight teams in their next domestic Olympiad and are seeking ACC support to do so.

Development Manager Bandula Warnapura who was in Tehran with Iqbal reports that "there is a lot of potential in Iran even though football is the number 1 sport.  The interesting thing is how much activity there is on the women's side of things.'

Thakti is expected to be in use during the current playing season with Kiraj pushing hard for early completion.

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Filed November 13, 2008