Kingkarn Khaokouati, a PE teacher from Pak Chong

Cricket is spreading north of Bangkok thanks to the Cricket Association of Thailand (CAT). "More than 400 girls in the provinces of Pak Chong and Khao Yai have taken up cricket", says CAT Chief Executive Officer Mohideen Kader. "There is so much interest that we are looking for more Thais to be trained as coaches and instructors around the kingdom," says Mr. Kader.

Teachers and university students are being introduced to the game. “The girls in the provinces are learning the game so fast that we have to raise the knowledge of our coaches to answer questions. These girls are intelligent and educated so the coaches have to be advanced in knowledge to cope with their questions. They are learning about the history of the game, its finer points and how they were introduced into the discipline,” says Mr. Kader.

ACC Development Officer for Thailand Roger Binny has been working with CAT coaches in taking the game to the north of he country, including Ms. Jeerawadee Duangchakham who has been a Level I qualified coach since 2004 (one of two lady coaches in Thailand) is part of the project.

Legendary Thai cricketer Parn Poshyananda, who picked up cricket as a schoolboy in England, is in charge of cricket in the north-western province of Chiang Mai and pioneered indigenous cricket in Thailand.  “A few years ago, we would have never thought that cricket could be promoted among Thais,” says Mr. Poshyananda, “but today, our boys and surprisingly, girls, are not only playing cricket, they have taken seriously to the discipline. As an old cricketer, I am naturally happy to be part of this admirable advancement.”

Filed November 4, 2008