ACC Umpiring Resource Persons Mahboob Shah and K. Parthasaradhy recently completed an ACC Elementary Umpiring and Scorers Course in Tehran. The course received wide coverage in the local media, Iranian television running special features on it. On its conclusion Mahboob Shah ran two further clinics in the outlying towns of Kerman and Qom.

In Kerman, on the border with Iraq, Mr. Shah said "Although the Cricket Association is run by men, all cricket activity in Kerman rotates around the ladies. There are over 25 women playing cricket in Kerman. They have at least one qualified umpire and she too is a lady. It appears that ladies in Iran have monopolised umpiring.

"The reason for the great popularity of cricket amongst Iranian women appears to be the game's traditions, including the way the players are dressed up for play. Its fully covered dress code makes cricket the most suitable game for women, who feel comfortable in playing it without compromising the sanctity of their own national dress code."

Filed November 3 2006