Malaysia Look Ahead

The Malaysia Cricket Association (MCA) held a Strategic Planning Seminar-cum-Workshop last month which the ACC were honoured to observe. The thrust of the meeting was the search for the solution to arrest Malaysia’s recent drop in international performance-level.

As The President of the MCA, Tunku Imran said, “current thinking in the ICC and ACC is that the longer version of the game is more important for development and for improving overall cricketing ability.”

With Malaysia finishing last in the 2004 Fast-Track Countries Tournament and not really threatening to compete in the ICC Intercontinental Cup, there is certainly room for improvement and the MCA are to be applauded for taking this initiative.

ICC Intercontinental Cup (3 days)
2004: Played 2: Lost 2

ACC Fast Track Countries Tournament (3 days)
2004: Played 4: Drawn 2, Lost 2

ACC Trophy (50 overs)
1998 – Runners-up
2000 – Semi-finalists
2002 – Semi-finalists
2004 – 7th

It is never easy to confront one’s weaknesses but it must be done if one wishes to develop. In doing so, Malaysia has taken a significant step.

Malaysia’s current situation: legacy of achievement - committed leadership - core facilities - gradual erosion of passion and performance - stands as a useful measure for putting developmental activity in context. For if Malaysia’s situation proves anything, it is that unco-ordinated development - where grassroots activity does not dovetail with national-level cricket, where regions do not co-ordinate their activities, where the areas of strength are not recognized and built upon – is no formula with which to sustain success.

MCA President HRH Tunku Imran

Having learnt some harsh lessons, Malaysia are rebuilding. There are some very proud and accomplished competitors associated with driving improvements forward. Their record against local competition (Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand) has always been good as evidenced even by their U-15 Tunku Ja’afar triumph this month, but that can not be enough. Not anymore.

There is a huge fund of goodwill and passion within the MCA, selflessness too. Most importantly, those that are most closely involved care deeply about the future of cricket in Malaysia and are devoting a great deal of thought and commitment to raising standards throughout the country.

We anticipate Malaysia being a cricketing force in Asia again.

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