In response to an increase in domestic cricket and the start of a new men's cricket league, the Tehran Cricket Association has held its own training program for scorers and umpires. "An ambitious and praiseworthy initiative," says ACC Development Officer for Iran Iqbal Sikander. The day-long course at Azadi Stadium covered the basics of umpiring and scoring.

“Practical umpiring sessions were of great importance where all the participants were taught different information i.e. Role of a Umpire, Sprit of Cricket, how to draw the cricket ground and pitch, part of No-Ball and Wide-Ball, Signals and how they write on the score sheet and scores,” says Ms. Habibi. The course conducted by the Iran Cricket Association’s Monir Habibi and Narges Lafooti, the 11 participants (eight women and three men, in what seems a fair reflection of the cricket participation ratio in Iran). Practical application of all that the participants learnt in the classroom was tested outdoors and the aim, Ms. Habibi says, is “to use them in local tournaments and also make them ready for Iran’s league.”

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Filed May 23rd, 2014