Level III coach Wali Amin directing the action

With the game reaching out into new provinces, new towns and new schools, the Afghanistan Cricket Board are holding a Level 0 coaching program this week prior to running a Level I course next week. 34 candidates are in Kabul for the basic coaching course, and the best 20 of them will stay on for the Level I.

ACC Level III coach Wali Amin (coach of the recent ACC U-19 Elite winners) and former national captain and Level II coach Raees Ahmadzai (coach of the recent ACC Twenty20 Cup winners) are running the Level 0 and will be assisting ACC Development Officer for Afghanistan Iqbal Sikander at the Level I course.

It is estimated that one coach can positively impact 20 cricketers over the course of a year. Afghanistan, as it climbs up towards ICC Associate status, currently has 22 Level I and II coaches with none at Beginner level. By comparison, Malaysia has 278 active beginner coaches. The six other Asian region ICC Associates (Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, UAE) have on average 61 Level I and II coaches each.

Raees Ahmadzai leading the coaches through

“The amazing growth of the game of cricket in Afghanistan has created a huge demand for good coaches from the grassroots right through to the national level,” says ACB CEO Dr Noor Mohammad Murad,“coaches play a vital role in providing our players with the skills and knowledge they need to develop, improve and succeed.”

“The ACB is committed to ensuring that we can provide good coaches at every level,” Dr Murad continues, “we want our coaches to have the capacity to provide players of all ages with the best possible cricketing experience. This will maximize player enjoyment and ensure their high performance development right up to international competition.”

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Filed May 31st, 2013