The Yang Foundation, a charitable organisation administered by the Chinese-American Yang family has donated four container loads of cricket equipment and financial stipends to the Chinese Cricket Association. The total value of the donation is US$250,000 and is directed initially towards a tour of England by China’s best U-16s.

The three-week tour of England will be centred in a boarding school, Ampleforth College in north Yorkshire from the end of July. The Yang Foundation is covering the costs of travel, accommodation and all expenses for the 30 Chinese cricketers and
five coaches travelling with the boys and girls. When the cricketers aren’t playing, there will be English language classes for them.

The Yang Foundation have been supporting cricket in China for the past two years, and this latest initiative represents their largest contribution to date. Samuel Yang of the Yang Foundation says, “this should be an amazing international experience for the players, which will help them become better cricketers and help prepare them for life as young adults!”

CCA Deputy Secretary General Zhang Tian expressed his gratitude to the Yang Foundation and said, “I feel developing cricket in China, such a big country without a cricket background, is a big cause. Just money support cannot work. It requires comprehensive support from the cricket world as well as that from the bodies in China.”

The Yang family also co-sponsored three Chinese cricketers in New South Wales in 2012. Capital Kids Cricket a London-based charity earlier hosted three men and three women from the Chinese national teams, and that initiative is being carried on by them and Lycamobile this year.

ACC Development Officer for China Aminul Islam says that “the Yang Foundation’s focus on the U-16s is ideal as it is they, in a crucial learning phase, who can carry with them all the knowledge they gain about cricket, about life outside China, about how cricket has built up a long history,  for many years to come. The coaches and children can have a great influence on their peers when they go back to China with this experience from England.”

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Filed May 27th, 2013