The ten Development Officers from the ICC's five Development Regions (Africa, America, Asia, East Asia - Pacific, Europe) have returned from Dubai where they attended the second ever ICC Development and Performance Officers Forum. Topics discussed at the four-day Forum ranged from administration to finance, governance, community cricket and High Performance Programs (HPP) in the respective regions.

The over-riding theme of the four days was of how to take cricket forward in all regions.

Delegates were involved in discussions in Assessor and Presenter Training, Coach Education and the new Cricket Administrator Programme (CAP). CAP has been introduced to assist the management of their national bodies. It contains four main modules; how to hold ‘Effective Meetings’, ‘Financial Management’ and how to deliver ‘Community Cricket’ and ‘Governance’. Further modules which will include ‘Sponsorship and Marketing’ will be developed soon. The Development Officers raised various problems they faced and were given specific guidelines to follow by the ICC to counter these issues. There were also guidelines on how to achieve their various targets up to 2012.

(L to R): Aminul Islam (Asia), Philip Hudson (Europe), Rumesh Ratnayake (Asia), Andy Pick (Americas), Graham McMillan (Africa), Iqbal Sikander (Asia), Tom Evans (East-Asia Pacific), Chris Porter (Europe), Wendell Copplin (Americas)

ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam says, “The long-term target is for all countries to become self-sustainable in terms of governance and training. This Forum was very educational for us all and has opened our eyes and shown us where Asia stands in terms of cricket development.”

The ACC’s Development Officers: Rumesh Ratnayake, Iqbal Sikander and Aminul Islam

The main objectives submitted by the ACC Development Officers in their Education and Training, Development and Implementation Plan to the ICC were to:
increase the numbers of Level II and Level III coaches and umpires and curators, and to also retain good coaches by offering them full-time coaching jobs. Their main focus is to provide more High Performance Programs for the Asian participants in ICC tournaments and to develop Chinese cricket.

Indoor facilities at the ICC Global Cricket Academy

Towards the end of the Forum, delegates were given a tour of the new and close to full completion ICC Global Cricket Academy (GCA). “The GCA is a fascinating arena for cricketers. The facilities are well maintained and as a cricketer everything is there. Pitches from different countries have been built for players to adjust to various conditions,” added Aminul.

Speaking on the ICC website, Head Coach Dayle Hadlee focuses on the benefits of the GCA’s cricket programme. “It will help the player become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and the programme is more specific. It always comes down to performing the basics well and as a coach that is what I try and get established with a player.”

Development Officers in Dubai
ACC Development Program

Filed May 27th, 2010