Development Officers from the ICC's five development regions are about to gather in Dubai for an ICC Development and Performance Officers Forum. The forum will have eight speakers from the ICC speaking on topics such as the 'ICC Development Programme 2009 and 2010', 'The Role of Member Services', 'ICC Research Data and Collection' and 'International Cricket in 2020'.

Delegates will share their methods of coaching and training in their respective regions and data will also be collected from them on how they run their domestic courses. Education and Training will be an important focus during the Forum. Prior to their arrival in Dubai the delegates were asked to complete a country SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis document where they select one country from their region in which they think enhanced cricket education and training would confer the most benefit.

Bandula Warnapura
ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura says, “This is the first time all three of our Development Officers are going for such a meeting. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to discuss ACC’s future plans and also to get valuable input from the ICC. With their international experience I am confident they will contribute a lot and also gain more knowledge in conducting future High Performance Programs.”

The Forum will also have brainstorming sessions and regional and country focus talks on developing a regional and country education and training plans in each of the five ICC regions (Africa, America, Asia, East Asia - Pacific, Europe). During their time in Dubai, delegates will also be taken on a tour of the brand new ICC Global Cricket Academy (GCA) by its Head Coach Dayle Hadlee.

“It will be interesting to discuss different strategies and get good feedback. We have corresponded with the ICC many times but this time we can physically project our views and plans as to how swiftly Asia is progressing,” said ACC Development Officer Aminul Islam.

Developing Nations To Be Berthed in Dubai

Filed May 14th, 2010