The Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) have filled the four vacancies in its Executive Council. The positions of Deputy President, two Vice-Presidents and two ordinary members have been taken up by Wilfred Abraham, Ramanathan Devindran, Asghari Stephens, V. Vijayalingam and Dr. Zain Zainuri respectively. The new members were selected by the current Executive Council and delegates from the 14 affiliate states.

Tunku Imran
Following the Executive Committee meeting, MCA President Tunku Imran announced the creation of 'Portfolio Heads'. Each Portfolio Head is to oversee one particular department in Malaysian cricket. A large country with three cricketing centres, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang, with activity in 11 other states, for long Malaysian cricket's resources and manpower have been spread thin. “We wanted to split the work so as to let each person specialize in that one area. Previously one person was handling different departments and it was quite difficult to do,” says MCA Honorary Secretary Sivanandan Chinnadurai.

Each Portfolio Head is allowed to form their own committee and they have been instructed to make detailed plans to help strengthen Malaysian cricket. “With the appointment of the Portfolio Heads, the work is spread out and it will be more effective. The newly appointed are people with experience and I am confident that there will be even better times for cricket in Malaysia,” added Mr. Chinnadurai.

The different Portfolio Heads are as stated:

Portfolio Head
Marketing Wilfred Abraham
Finance Ahmad Feisal
High Performance for National and Backup teams Asghari Stephens
Junior Development and National Age-Group Teams Mohammad Sham Jalil
Grassroots Development V. Vijayalingam
Competitions C. Sivanandan
Facilities Dr. Zain Zainuri
Development Co-ordinator for East Coast (Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang) Narendran Viswanathan

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Filed May 13th, 2010