Maldives U-19 2009

The Cricket Board of Maldives, aware that youthful talent needs to be seasoned with some experience for cricketing success, are organizing an U-25 tournament in June from which to select future internationals.

31 players have been selected and divided into three groups according to their previous performances.

Most of the 31 have already participated in ACC age-group tournaments and impressed. The four teams making up the 40-over competition can also play three players over the age of 25 per side. There are however, a few restrictions on them: only two of them can play in a game and they can only bat after the fall of the 5th wicket and can bowl only five overs but only after the 20th over.

Cricket Board of Maldives President Ahmad Hassan Didi said, “The senior players are only included for the purpose of guiding the younger ones. There is much they can learn from them. We expect the seniors to steer and lead them on the field and give them tips on match situations as well.

Ahmed Hassan Didi
“We’d like our boys to have more exposure and to play more games. The best of these players will be chosen to represent Maldives in the next ACC tournament and this tournament can be a start for some of them to start building a cricket profile,” he added.

All games will be played on an artificial pitch at the Sports Complex Ground in Malé.

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Filed May 7th, 2010