The Hong Kong Cricket Association (HKCA) under “the overall objective (to) become a leader in cricket administration and development and setting standards that ICC Associate members will aspire to,” has published a 2009-2012 Strategic Plan. In a 9-point strategy the HKCA wish to implement a plan “that will increase the opportunity for all residents of Hong Kong to play cricket irrespective of their skill level.”

It is an ambitious and worthy plan, considering that the current HKCA membership is just under 700 people out of 7 million in the territory. It is a point acknowledged by the current HKCA President Terry Smith, “success for a National Sports Association in Hong Kong is a numbers game. We must grow to succeed.”

2008 ACC Trophy Elite Winners 2009 ACC U-19 Elite Winners


On the field Hong Kong seem to be doing a lot right. 2008 ACC Trophy Champions, 2009 ACC U-19 Elite Champions and a solid platform in the ICC World Cricket League at Division 3. But “the greater goal”, says Mr. Smith, remains: “growing the sport in the local Chinese community.” Those ambitions have taken a knock with number of teams in the Playground League dropping from 64 to 24 last year.

An international size ground with a turf square is scheduled for completion in September 2009 at Mission Road along with three more of various sizes and surfaces by 2010. Coaching programs continue apace.

Mr. Smith sums up, “Clearly the Association is battling with strong purpose on many fronts but I believe its underlying thrust must be to increase the popularity of the game at grassroots in the local Chinese community because in the end that is the only way the game will grow and from that, in time, all will flow.”

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Filed May 26, 2009