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Three teams from the Asian region – Afghanistan, Nepal and Singapore – are in action at World Cricket League Division 5 in Jersey at the end of May, on their most significant step to World Cup qualification in 2011. The top two teams from the competition, which also include Jersey, Bahamas, Botswana, Germany, Japan, Mozambique, Norway, USA and Vanuatu, proceed to World Cricket League Division 4, joining Hong Kong, Fiji, Italy and Tanzania. The top two teams from Division 4 will advance to Division 3 from where the top two will play the ultimate World Cup 2011 qualifier next year.

In preparation for the event Afghanistan have been warming-up in Pakistan, Nepal have been playing the Pakistan Academy in Kathmandu. Singapore have been playing in domestic competition and against Malaysia as well as receiving direct input from ACC Development Officers Roger Binny and Doctor Vece Paes.

Links: ICC World Cricket League Division 5

Filed May 19, 2008

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