"Of the six batsmen usually chosen in a side, only an average of three really get set. It is their responsibility to make up for the ones who fail." Ken McKay

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Cricket gear donated by the British Embassy, May 2007

Afghanistan’s cricket season started this month with a ‘national Grade 1 tournament‘ called PEACE. The tournament was inaugurated by the Afghanistan Cricket President Shahzada Masoud and British Ambassador Stephen Evans – with Mr. Masoud bowling to Mr. Evans (who played a diplomatic forward defensive).

The British Embassy donated a significant amount of cricket equipment to the ACF and pledged its continuing support for the development of cricket in Afghanistan.

Six teams from across Afghanistan are taking part including two-time defending champions Shahab of Kabul as well as teams from Khost, Konar, Pakhtia and Kandahar provinces. Matches are 35-overs a side.

Filed May 7 2007

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