The fourth ACC coaching program held in China was another positive step forward in China's emergence into the world of cricket.

Bowling ahead in China

Held at the end of April, 30 educationalists with top-flight sporting backgrounds gathered in Guangzhou to be taken through the ABC’s of batting, bowling and umpiring by ACC Development Officer Rumesh Ratnayake, Umpiring Resource Person K.T.Francis and Coaching Personnel from Cricket Australia.

The response received towards a relatively new game was exceptional and Development Officers are supremely confident that China will pick up cricket quickly, having seen the passion, aptitude and interest shown by all.

Ganesan Sundarammoorthy, the ACC Development Program Coordinator who witnessed proceedings said, "Cricket being introduced into China is a great push forward. All the people here are so wholeheartedly dedicated to gain knowledge of the game, it makes coaching them all the more easier. At this point of time, hard work needs to be a prime factor and for all in China, this has been achieved. Their passion and energy tends to show whenever they're being coached and this is a trait that leads to eventual perfection."

Upcoming Giants

China intend to send their U-15 team to the ACC event in Bangkok at the end of the year and general developments are proceeding at a fair pace, though given the scale of China, there is still much work left to do. A follow-up course is scheduled in September 2006.

Gung ho or gung-ho (gŭng'hō):
Extremely enthusiastic and dedicated.

[Earlier Gung Ho, motto of certain U.S. Marine forces in Asia during World War II, from Chinese (Mandarin) gōnghé, to work together (short for gōngyèhézuòshè, Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society) : gōng, work + , together.]

Filed May 9 2006