The latest wave at the PCU

This year’s Phuket Cricket Sixes, buoyed by their receipt of the “Best Spirit of Cricket Initiative” at the 2006 ICC Global Development Awards, have just completed their most rewarding tournament.

Backed by a raft of local sponsors, the Phuket Cricket Union (PCU) not only put on an entertaining tournament but managed, at the same time, to do their bit for a charitable trust. Raising a four-figured dollar sum for a local children’s charity, Childwatch, as well as for the Youth Developmental Program of the PCU, the Phuket Sixes confirmed that tournaments are not only about victories and trophies. Former stars such as Adam Hollioake and Allan Mullally played and coached at the event along with Trevor Chappell.

Bright lights in Phuket

Speaking with regard to the tournament, Ganesan Sundarammoorthy, the ACC’s Development Program Coordinator said, “This is what the game is all about. Playing for a cause is always a worthy initiative and it brings a vast number of people together in celebration of the game of cricket. They are worthy winners of the ICC Award, The Phuket Sixes ensures an enormous impetus for cricket in Phuket and hopefully this initiative will soon spread to other nations that are being introduced to the game.”

Filed May 5 2006