ACC and ACA Sign Historic Agreement

The Asian Cricket Council and African Cricket Association have come together in a venture to promote and develop cricket across Asia and Africa.

Mr. Peter Chingoka, President of the ACA affirmed: "We are confident that this agreement between the ACA and ACC will further strengthen existing ties between us. In a time of increasing global division, the body we have formed, Afro-Asian Cricket Co-Operation, will be a substantial symbol of international unity."

"The agreement runs for three years. We will be staging at least one ODI series between an Africa XI and Asia XI each year," says Mr. Chingoka. 10% of the net revenues from the staging of these ODIs will be donated to charity.

The Chairman of Afro-Asian Cricket Co-Operation for the first three years will be Mr. Jagmohan Dalmiya. The Vice-Chairman will be Mr. Peter Chingoka and the Convenor will be Mr. Syed Ashraful Huq. In addition to these officials there will be a Committee formed of three ACC representatives and three ACA representatives.

Syed Ashraful Huq, Chief Executive of the ACC declared: "The ODIs will showcase the best cricket that Asia and Africa have to offer but we are also joining in this landmark association in order to promote cricket at all levels. There will be representative age-group matches between the two continents in tournaments organised by us." "For development of cricket there will be the exchange of administrative personnel, curators, coaches and umpires. We have much to offer each other and we will emerge as stronger cricketing forces as a result of this co-operation."

Speaking from Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Jaghmohan Dalmiya, President of the ACC stated: "Mahatma Gandhi was the most famous joint citizen of both continents and we will be striving to emulate his ideals of co-operation and fraternity in our agreement. Gandhi was an inspiration to the anti-apartheid movement and India's cricketing fraternity played its part at the end of the apartheid era by being the first country to resume sporting ties with South Africa. It was a milestone in sports history. Asia and Africa's joint activities will create a vibrant addition to the world of cricket."

Filed May 16 2005