17 of Kuwait's umpires have been through an ACC Level I Umpiring Program. The five-day course was administered by ACC Umpiring Resource Person Bomi Jamula, with support from Kuwait's Riaz Chaudhry. Run in the evenings of the working week, the interactive sessions "started by inviting the participants to think and list what makes a great umpire", said Bomi.

The umpires on the course had the added challenge of having to deal with rain on the day of the practical assessment, covers being on the wicket at Sulaibiya when they turned up on the weekend morning. “This provided a bonus to demonstrate to the umpires the practical way of going about seeking help from the curator regarding weather conditions, time required for drying of pitch and outfield, process of removing water from top of the covers as well as removing covers, communicating with captains about the delay and starting of match,” said the ever adroit course conductor Bomi.

The program was notable for the high number of passes, with five of the 17 receiving 80% or more in the closing exam. “The participation generally was of high level with a lot of questions being raised. The participants were encouraged to find the answers to their queries themselves by guiding them back to the relevant law,” Bomi said.

Kuwait has had increased domestic cricket activity this season and the new accredited umpires will be slotted in to stand in higher profile matches. Three of the candidates on the course were women.

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Filed March 31st, 2014