Iran’s national coach Mahmood Rashid in the thick of things at Khoram Abad

Following their passage up north, Iran’s coaches Mahmood Rashid and Mozhdeh Bavenpour have been extending their tour to the west of Iran. Three new cities, Karaj, Sanandaj and Khoram Abad in the provinces of Alborz, Kurdistan and Lorestan have been introduced to cricket.

Cricket in Iran up to now has been predominantly based in Tehran and Chabahar. Chabahar because of its proximity to Pakistan has a fair amount of cricket activity, albeit of the most rugged kind. The Iran Cricket Association’s plan is to find new players and start developing an interest in regions who up to now have had football and wrestling as their main sporting interests. These cities and provinces west of Tehran are prosperous through trade and industry and thus appear to have greater basic sporting infrastructure than Chabahar, and certainly more potential for turf facilities than Tehran or Chabahar.

Mahmood Rashid observes a new try-out in Karaj

“Early days yet”, says ACC Development Officer for Iran Iqbal Sikander, “but it seems that the coaching program is going well and Iran Cricket Association is doing good work.”

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Filed March 18th, 2013