FE Brands CEO Paul Ting hands over cheques of RM 75,000 and RM 73,000 in MCA President YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran with Bukit Jalil Sports School cricketers in attendance, Kuala Lumpur March 22 2011

The Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA) have signed a new sponsorship agreement with Fusion Excel International worth US$49,000 (Ringgit 148,000). The three-year partnership is targeted at high-performance programs in Malaysian cricket. “We’re thrilled Fusion Excel have formalised an agreement with us, they first came on board in 2009 at the ACC Women’s Twenty20 and now with this deal we can set in place some very useful processes,” says MCA Hon.Secretary Sivanandan Chinnadurai.

Fusion Excel market energy and wellness products. Fusion Excel Chief Executive Offier Paul Ting said, “It is hoped that this partnership of FE Brands with the MCA over 3 years (2011 to 2013) with an annual cash contribution of Ringgit 25,000 a year and a total of Ringgit 73,000 in kind will further inspire the MCA towards developing a solid foundation in the game and progress.” The MCA currently receive approximately Ringgit 110,000 a year from other sponsors and this new bequest represents a small but significant boost to their annual operations budget of Ringgit 1.8 million (US$580,000).

“The fact of the matter is that there is never quite enough money to achieve all that we are ambitious for and linking with the private sector in as many ways as possible can only help to strengthen cricket in Malaysia, as it is not a ‘national core sport’ and so not able to receive much government support. Thanks to the ACC and ICC we are regularly hosting international tournaments and these give us a platform on which to perform and give mileage to our sponsors,” says Mr. Chinnadurai.

Malaysia is currently ranked 36th in the ICC Global Rankings for Associates and Affiliates and third overall in the ACC non-Test Playing Countries Tournament Rankings.

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Filed March 25th, 2011