Ugyen Academy Ground

Grassland, dry land, flat land, any land fit for cricket is a scarce resource for Bhutan’s rapidly growing numbers of cricketers. The capital Thimphu is already unable to support an area big enough for a proper-sized ground and with the game now reaching out to the other districts in the mountainous country, the need for land to support cricket has become paramount.

Fortunately Punakha district in the central region of Bhutan has been able to provide the Bhutan Cricket Council Board with a solution. “It has three good grounds which will help us to conduct not just matches but also to produce talented players,” says National Coaching Coordinator Damber Singh Gurung. The ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura has already visited these grounds and has approved the construction of astroturf wickets and nets. “Both grounds are secure,” says Damber, “Punakha High School Ground is three kilometres away from Ugyen Academy Ground where we are planning to make a matting wicket to conduct an U-19 boys tournament.”

A ground site at Bajo

Bhutan has been hosting schools’ cricket and U-19 cricket events for boys and girls, along with a domestic Twenty20 for the past two seasons in four districts of Bhutan as they take the game across the country. There are close to 3500 registered cricketers at present, not only 5% of the total population but also estimated to be around 15% of all those aged between 11 to 30.

Bhutan Cricket Profile

Filed March 22nd, 2011