“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” Damber Singh Gurung aiming high in Bhutan

Following on from their introduction to cricket last year, schoolteachers from the Punakha-Wangdue valley in Bhutan have been given a refresher course. “The main objective of the refresher course was to revitalize and revamp the technical aspects of the game to those teachers which had already taken part in the Level O coaching camp last year,” says National Coaching Coordinator and Youth Coach Damber Singh Gurung.

The Bhutan Cricket Council Board (BCCB) has prioritized the upgrading of school cricket in the country this year in order to create more players, teams and coaches. A database will be maintained of all those involved with Bhutanese cricket and every month a District Coordinator will rate progress alongside intermittent visits from the national Youth Coach to help train the players and coaches. Other courses will be conducted in the districts of Paro and Sarpang before the school season starts.

Damber in demonstration mode

21 games teachers from different schools took part in this refresher course.

Pictures courtesy of BCCB

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Filed March 18th, 2011