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The ACC's most recent Level II Coaching course has been held in Malaysia, with 32 participants from 16 countries including four women from Bahrain and Kuwait. The ACC's three Development Officers Aminul Islam, Iqbal Sikander and Rumesh Ratnayake conducted proceedings with the support of General Manager of Game Development Cricket Australia Ross Turner.

Level II courses aim at sharpening not only cricketing skills but also man-management skills. Participants advance from Level I where coaching is only focussed on batting, bowling, fielding and wicket-keeping and in Level II are taught how to handle a team, make short-, medium- and long-term coaching session plans and enhance leadership qualities The Level II course also touches on sports physiology and error detections in players. “What we’re essentially doing at this course is preparing these coaches for a more strenuous course which is the Level III. We are identifying the best and will notify the respective boards of the best,” says Mr. Sikander. “The Level II graduates will hope to move to a more advanced role in their countries and in the case of the newer nations they will be key people to help upgrade the level of cricket.

Aminul Islam assesses

“These coaches are graduates of the Level I course and are products of the Development Officers’ courses in their respective nations. To come from that course to a centralized Level II is a sign that the system has matured. There is more dedication, commitment, an increase in skill-level and the desire to want to learn and improve is evident. In that sense the course has been successful,” says Mr. Turner.

Cricket Australia’s Ross Turner

Mr. Turner went on to praise the quality of the program and facilities and spoke about the challenges faced by the Development Officers in this course. “Most of these Level II representatives come from cricketing nations who’ve been playing for decades now but with coaches from Iran, Myanmar and China present, the tutors need to adjust and cope with them in the best possible way.”

Iran’s Yousef Raeisi, a national cricketer and participant of the course, said, “I am happy to be here and learn from the three DOs and Mr. Turner. Their knowledge is very vast and all of it can be put to use by us when we return home.”

Yousef Raeisi undergoing his practical assessment

“The course enhances the skills needed to make sure a coach helps a player move to an advanced level. Biomechanics, planning, video analysis – all this is taught at Level II and will help the players grow faster. It is very encouraging to see four ladies here. They are all from the Middle East and it shows that they’re opening up to women’s cricket and they are very eager to do well in the course. It’s a huge step forward for the ACC,” says Mr. Ratnayake.

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Filed March 26th, 2010