ACC Umpiring Resource Staff K. T. Francis, Mahboob Shah and Peter Manuel conducted a first of its kind 'Train the Umpires Trainer' course. The three-day course in Kuala Lumpur educated umpires on how to run the ACC Level '0' course in their own countries. 22 participants from 17 countries in the Asian region took part.

ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura speaks to the course participants

With these umpires grooming their local officials, the ACC will be able to select umpires, who are both active and interested, for future umpiring courses. “Previously there were a lot of Level I umpires who were inactive. After all the time, effort and funds put in to train them, it was a waste and this is what we are looking to avoid,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura.

Henceforth, participants in all ACC-run programs will be asked to sign a two-year bond with their respective cricket boards. The bond will state that the individual will be active for a minimum period of two years, failing which the Board will face a penalty from the ACC where the individual’s total program costs will be deducted from the Board’s yearly funds.

Sarika Prasad with Nepal’s Vinay Kumar Jha at the ACC Twenty20 Cup, Kuwait 2007

“What the ACC is doing is very good. This will help raise the umpiring standard and we will all work harder. This course was a good experience and we learnt a lot from our peers and now it is up to us to maintain the high levels set for us,” says Singaporean umpire Sarika Prasad, who is one of the foremost Associate-level umpires. This year Mr. Prasad has officiated in the ICC U/19 World Cup, ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier and ICC World Cricket League Division 5.

All the participants at the ‘Train the Umpires Trainer’ course are Level II umpires and were jointly selected by the respective boards and the ACC to attend this course.

“We have received a very positive response so far. The umpires, now being trainers, will push themselves to master the laws of cricket and they will. In umpiring, there is a promise to rise despite not coming from a Test-playing nation and that inspires them to work harder,” says ICC Regional Umpires’ Performance Manager Peter Manuel.

K.T. Francis - Match Referee at the 2009 ACC U-19 Challenge Cup Final

“We have seen some good performances from an enthusiastic bunch. For a first time course, this has been a success but from now on we need to correspond with the participants and lend our support constantly,” adds ACC Umpires Assessor K. T. Francis.

Filed March 10th, 2010