The new ACC U-16 competition category heralds a significant step in the evolution of development practice in the ACC. Put in place of U-15 and U-17 tournaments as they featured much of the same players in both tournaments and thus mitigated against creating new players, the sine qua non of development, the U-16 event marks another significant development in the development process with it being the first ACC tournament to insist on each participating team having three passport-holders of the country they represent on the field.

Previously, the minimum number of passport-holders had been just two players on the field. It has initially made it difficult on the Middle Eastern countries, as not even children born in those countries become passport-holding citizens. The fact of the matter is, if cricket is to put down roots and grow and break out of the relatively small cradle in which it currently is placed in many countries, it has to be played by, taken up by, as significant and substantial a part of the population as possible.


Three is a start, U-16 cricket is a start. More will come, at U-16 and U-19 cricket in the future and then the senior sides too. Cricket is increasingly an Asian game yet at the same time, it cannot be a game for the people connected to just a few Asian countries.

This 2010 U-16 tournament is where a new cycle of development starts. One hopes many, if not all of the players in this tournament, will go on to higher honours as better cricketers in the years ahead.

The requirement for teams to field three passport-holders at U-16 level was subsequently updated to five passport-holders in 2012.

ACC U-16 Elite Cup 2010

Filed March 8th, 2010