Iran Olympic Committee President Ali Abadi (in light grey) with members of the Iran Cricket Federation

The Iran Cricket Federation have shown their wares at a sports exhibition in Tehran where more than fifty different local sports bodies were also present. Iran Cricket Federation President Sadegh Abedin and Vice President Dr. Reza Ali hosted the pavilion, along with Mr. Juggu Sawhneyof the Technical Committee. They were honoured by a visit from the Secretary General of Iran’s National Olympic Committee Bahram Afsharzadeh who said afterwards, “Cricket is new but we never thought this sport is improving in Iran but now we are excited that people welcome cricket. We will support cricket for Men's and Women's Asian Cricket Council tournament and especially the Guangzhou 2010 tournament."

In addition, the President of Iran’s Olympic Committee Ali and Physical Education Organisation Ali Abadi visited the pavilion during the five-day exhibition, inscribing a cricket bat with “I wish Iran Cricket Federation every success for improving this new and beautiful sport in our country.”

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Filed March 10, 2009