With just six weeks to go, Kuwait are more than ready for the ACC U-19 Elite Cup which starts at the end of April.

Four grounds, including their latest turf facility Sulaibiya, will be used during the ten-nation tournament. "Not only is this an ACC tournament, it is also an ICC U/19 World Cup qualifier so things have to go very well," says Kuwait Cricket Director General Asad Baig. "We are very much ready for all that is to come."

Afghani supporters at the 2007 ACC Twenty20 tournament in Kuwait


ACC Middle East Cup 2006

Nepal are four-time defending champions but will face improved opposition from countries like Afghanistan, Hong Kong, UAE and Challenge-promoted Saudi Arabia and Bhutan. Afghanistan’s matches are certain to draw large crowds – thousands came to the ACC Twenty20 Cup and the 2006 Middle East Cup. Thousands came and thousands invaded.

Kuwait Cricket’s Asad Baig

“The grounds and pitches committee has been instructed to make certain modifications in their operational mode while our security has been tightened so that there will be no pitch invasions and players are protected at all times. We also aim to provide sufficient vehicle parking and better coordination for transport arrangements”, says Mr. Baig.

Kuwait Cricket is already planning a fifth ground to be located in Salmiya, primarily for domestic matches. The ground will have a turf wicket with an artificial turf outfield.

Kuwait Cricket’s newest addition: Sulaibiya


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Filed March 5, 2009