Khurram Khan (Captain) LHB/SLA
Saqib Ali (Vice Captain) RHB/LB
Arshad Ali RHB/LA
Naeemuddin Aslam RHB
Amjad Ali LHB/WK
Nithin Gopal RHB/RMF
Amjad Javed RHB/RMF
Qasim Zubair RHB/RMF
Fayyaz Ahmed
Ravi Kumar Verma
Owais Hameed RHB/OB
Fahad Al Hashmi RHB/RMF
Muhammad Aman Ali RHB/LMF
Zahid Shah RHB/RMF
Sameer Nayak RHB/OB
Coach : Colin Wells

Physio : Chitrala Sudhaker

The UAE have completed their selection process for the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier to be played in South Africa this April. Khurram Khan retains the captaincy, with former captains Saqib Ali and Arshad Ali also in the squad which is packed with all-rounders. Of the 15-man squad eight were at last year’s Asia Cup, while three - Khurram Khan, Arshad Ali and Naeemuddin Aslam - remain from the squad for the ICC Trophy in Ireland in 2005, the last time UAE were vying for a World Cup place.

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Filed March 2, 2009