"There's no point playing the sweep when the ball isn't turning. You need the ball to turn a lot to create a doubt in the umpire's mind when you miss it." Matthew Hayden

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'Next-generation' ACC coaching gets underway in Malaysia this month with the second ACC Coach Educators Program. "The course is designed for Level II-certified coaches and the intention is for them to learn how to conduct Level I courses in their home countries on their own," says Ganesan Sundrammoorthy, ACC Development Program Co-ordinator. "I expect a whole new generation of coaches for schools and clubs to be created within the next few years," says ACC Development Manager Sultan Rana.  The course will be conducted by ACC Development Officers Roger Binny, Aminul Islam, Dr. Vece Paes, Rumesh Ratnayake and Iqbal Sikander.

Filed March 5 2008

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