Thanks to some ground-work by the Cricket Association of Thailand, ACC Development Officer Roger Binny has made an introductory visit to Laos to assess their cricketing facilities and ambitions.

A cordial meeting with the National Sports Committee's Director-General of International Relations Cooperation took place in which Roger Binny found that though Laotians perceived cricket as "a very foreign game out here" nevertheless they "were keen to know more about it and introduce the game in the country."

Roger Binny with Soulasith Oupravanh, Laos NSC DG

Affiliate status for Laos is still a year or two away but as Thailand’s cricket activity in Chiang Mai expands, Laotians will come into closer contact with the game. Cross-border coaching by Thai national player and Level II coaching aspirant John Hottinger is already under way.

Filed March 9 2006

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