ACC Archived News - March 2005

India v Pakistan – Cricket’s Missionaries

All the hype will be forgotten once the scores are in black and white, these too will fade in due course because statistics never tell the whole story. What will remain, we hope, trust and fervently believe, will be indelible memories of magic moments. Which cricket fans irrespective of national allegiances can cherish for as long as they live.

There is no bigger event, no bigger showcase, no more closely followed global contest than India v Pakistan in cricket. The media, politicians and tag-along sponsors make it so. The reality however, and what the players know best, is that after stripping away all the excess and excrescence, India v Pakistan is simply a bat and ball game.

It’s some of the best batsmen in the world against some of the best bowlers. Many of these players have already performed marvels time and time again which we will never forget. Their phenomenal skills have converted millions to the religion of cricket.

We simply hope that during this series, these twenty-one scheduled days of play will provide reasons for even more of us – be we dogmatics, doubters, enthusiasts or agnostics – to simply marvel at the brilliance that Asian cricketers alone can seem to produce. Cricket between India and Pakistan can inspire us all. And it should.

It doesn’t matter which team wins as long as cricket does.

Filed March 8 2005