More cricket activity across the provinces, following the spring push which took national coach Mahmood Rashid to Alborz, Kurdistan and Lorestan has meant more scheduled matches for the new cricketers of Iran. The Iran Cricket Association has recently completed a Basic Scorers and Umpires Course in Tehran.

The five-day course at the Azadi Sports Complex in Tehran took the 16 candidates (from nine provinces) through the basics of scoring and umpiring, as conducted by Monir Habibi and Narges Lafooti. The successful candidates (those scoring 75% and above in the test papers following the course) are eligible to take part in Level I Umpiring programs and further scoring modules.

ACC Development Officer Iqbal Sikander was in Tehran shortly after the completion of this course for a coaching program and notes with approval, “the hard work and dedication of the coaches and umpires in Iran. With a fresh, young team being made for the seniors, the ACC U-19 Challenge in December is an important event for Iran.” ICA General Secretary Saeed Behrozi confirms that preparations are already underway for the U-19 event.

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Filed June 11th, 2013