Physiotherapists and coaches assigned to the national teams of ACC member countries who have not yet been on an ACC Sports Medicine Program were in Kuala Lumpur in May for the sixth such course of its kind. Dr. Vece Paes formerly of the ACC and now with the BCCI and AITA, with the assistance of Dr. Ashok Ahuja formerly of the National Institute of Sports in Patiala, conducted the four-day course which had 26 participants.

“Exercise is medicine,” says Dr. Paes, “but the demands of a short-burst high-intensity sport like cricket, particularly in Asian climates, are such that exercise and preparation need to be controlled in order to maximise performance. Talent, technique, temperament are all necessary but without optimal physical fitness and the knowledge of how to maintain it, all of the above are fragile.” The program covered the basics in treating sports injuries, sports nutrition, conditioning and training.

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Filed June 4th, 2013