Cricket Thailand held a Level I coaching course for 16 participants from across Thailand at St. Stephen's International School in Khao Yai, 200 kilometers north of Bangkok. The five-day course was run by ACC Development Officers Aminul Islam and Rumesh Ratnayake who were also assisted by Cricket Thailand's Chief Executive Mohideen Kader, Saurabh Dhanuka and John Hottinger.

Rumesh Ratnayake demonstrates a pace bowling action

According to Mr. Kader, the course “was a success and was run at a higher level than previously held Level I courses.” The Development Officers offered a more in-depth view into the skills and technique sessions as compared to previous Level I courses since all the participants have a sound knowledge of cricket, have previously played the game and most of them are already coaching in schools. The course was held completely in English but the native Thais were allowed to do their presentations, assessment and session plans in Thai.

Mohideen Kader runs through some coaching drills

“Normally the Level 0 courses are done in Thai because most the participants are native Thais but this course had a good mix of people. This Level I course ran well and we also tried to incorporate some fun into the exercises,” added Mr. Kader. At the end of each day’s session, the participants would play a short game. The idea behind the game was to incorporate the skills and techniques they had learned throughout the session. The skills sessions were held indoors in the school’s gymnasium.

Saurabh Dhanuka gave a presentation on fielding drills, while Mr. Kader and John Hottinger presented on the topics of ‘Role of a Coach’ and ‘Fitness and Safety’ respectively.

The participants now have 45 days before they have to hand in their workbooks to the ACC for assessment purposes.

Cricket in Thailand has seen a steep rise in interest and it was recently included in the 30-event National Youth Games in Phetchabun, a northern province in Thailand.

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Pictures courtesy Cricket Association of Thailand

Filed June 14th, 2010