As play evolves, so does umpiring. The ACC's three Umpiring Resource Personnel Bomi Jamula, Peter Manuel and Mahboob Shah, 39 Tests and 82 ODIs between them, along with a wealth of teaching experience, have taken the latest batch of umpires from the Gulf region through a Level II program in Kuwait. "The candidates proved themselves to be good in the practical elements," says Bomi Jamula.

“A great emphasis was on practical calculation of length of innings in an interrupted match with the use of new calculation sheets circulated by the ICC. The umpires were also given an insight in calculation of target score with the use of the latest Duckworth/Lewis method. The new no ball law and the ICC directive on limited over wides were also discussed,” during one of the five days of the course and throughout the emphasis was on the increasing demands on the umpires in regional cricket, explains the Indian eminence. “With so many ODI and T20I teams emerging from the ACC region, the players are exposed to new practices when they play international cricket, and it is up to the umpires to know the key elements of match management, dealing with conflict, and mental strength while keeping focused,” emphasized Mr. Jamula.

At the Level II Umpiring Program in Kuwait, from left to right: ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura, ACC Umpiring Resource Personnel Mahboob Shah, Peter Manuel and Bomi Jamula

Outdoor sessions were held across two days, where the practical skills of the 25 candidates (among them two women) were assessed, where guidance was also provided on ball pitching and eye movement exercises. The aim is for the highest-ranked candidates to start standing in ACC and then ICC events as their predecessors in Level II courses have done.

“The candidates were very fortunate to have the three great umpiring teachers at the same time,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura, “to learn from them as they did, inside and outside the classroom is a special privilege.”

Kuwait Regulates the Regular Umpires

Filed July 10th, 2014