Dr. Paes in the thick of the action, enhancing fitness

Following the ACC’s Sports Medicine Course in May, it has been decided to add value to the teaching by having the physiotherapists and trainers travelling with teams to ACC events to submit ‘fitness certificates’ for their players to the on site Development Officer or Tournament Director. “We are finding that our region’s players may be the equal or even superior in terms of skill to other regions, but their fitness levels are often less than the others,” says ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura.

During a tournament the ACC Development Officers will have the authority to carry out checks with independent physios or trainers on any players who they feel do not perform up to the fitness levels indicated in the certificate. “The responsibility is on the team trainers and physios who have been hired by the Associations to advance the fitness of their players to the required levels,” says the ACC Development Manager; “we are supporting the purchase of all the necessary equipment in each country, physios and trainers will play a very important part in team performances and development.” The ACC has made provisions to have accredited fitness personnel as part of a touring team’s management for all ACC tournaments.

“Exercise is medicine,” says Dr. Vece Paes, who has conducted all six of the ACC Sports Medicine courses so far. “The demands of a short-burst high-intensity sport like cricket, particularly in Asian climates, are such that exercise and preparation need to be controlled in order to maximise performance. Talent, technique, temperament are all necessary but without optimal physical fitness and the knowledge of how to maintain it, all of the above are fragile.” Countries will be provided with recommended fitness programs and training schedules. The goal, as ever, is to have member countries playing cricket at a higher level, and enjoying their ability to play.

The new fitness regime for physios and trainers starts with the ACC Emerging Teams Cup in August. The next ACC Sports Medicine and Fitness Course for the Associations’ relevant personnel will be in 2015.

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Filed July 30th, 2013