The Afghanistan Cricket Board Chairman and CEO flank the Ministry of Education Deputy Minister Mr. Asif Nang at the Kabul press conference announcing the MoU between the bodies

The Afghanistan Cricket Board and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education have formalised the initiative made at the start of the year. Both bodies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to introduce cricket into the physical education curriculum of schools in Afghanistan.

According to the ACB, the MoU includes provision “for the development of cricket development opportunities at school level and covers issues of junior player development and physical infrastructure in schools.” At the signing ceremony Dr. Noor Mohammad Murad said, “The ACB is working to make Afghanistan one of the world’s leading cricket nations and we know that we will not be able to achieve this without providing opportunities for children and young people to learn the game and participate in it.”

An Afghan boy at Kabul's sole concrete wicket in 2003
Picture by Iqbal Sikander

With the Ministry of Education aiming to double school enrollments over the next ten years the opportunity to develop cricket is a substantial one. “The development of this MoU in collaboration with the MOE is a huge step forward for cricket in Afghanistan,” says Dr. Noor, “and we want to have a cricket development pathway from the young beginners through to the regional, national and international levels. School cricket will provide a huge step in this pathway. The implementation of the MoU will not only provide a cricket environment for school students, but will also provide a fundamental level of development structure for improving cricket in the country”.

Green fields ahead for this year’s latest batch of Level I coaches in Kabul

The ACB are currently drafting a formal policy document for the initiative. Equipment and coaching will be provided for all levels of primary and secondary schools and the ACC Development Manager Bandula Warnapura has promised to support the initiative by scheduling more Level I coaching courses for Afghanistan.

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Filed July 19th, 2013