The stakes are increasingly high in domestic cricket among ACC member countries. There are smatterings of commercialism with sponsors and National Sports Councils taking a greater interest in cricketing activities. Players are keen to find games to play and associations themselves are keen to find ways to keep those players in the fold in order to harness the latent power of all that cricket activity. If it is organised it can be counted, if it can be counted it can be supported by the ACC and ICC. In a reflection of all the cricket they want to record and call their own, the Singapore Cricket Association are on a drive to register more scorers.

With 105 teams in the SCA Leagues this year (76 teams in Divisions 1 – 6 and in 29 in the two-division corporate league as well as a Singapore Premier League about to start, in their latest scoring initiative the Singapore Cricket Association (SCA) have held a Basic Scoring Course for 31 participants, including five women. “It is really heartening to see that more women are now coming forward to be a part of the cricketing community,” say the SCA.

Eminence gris S. Raghuram conducted the Basic Scorer's course. The participants were given the opportunity to view the video of an SCA league match which was played recently and practice scoring for that game. This helped simulate a real life out door situation. “Feedback from the participants has been very encouraging. One of them, who has never done scoring but only been playing cricket, mentioned that his respect for the scorers has gone up after attending the course,” say the SCA.

“The newly inducted scorers will start off in lower divisions this season itself,” says SCA CEO Prakash Vijaykumar. ACC and ICC tournaments await for those at the top of their game.

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Filed July 19th, 2012