The old pavilion at Tribhuvan University has been converted into a gymnasium for use by national squad players. “It’s a long overdue move, and it means that players can condition themselves better and that coaches can supervise training programs,” says ACC Development Officer for Nepal Rumesh Ratnayake.

Fitness levels in Asia generally aren’t as high as they could be and one of the reasons has been the lack of proper training facilities. “Now there is no excuse,” says Rumesh, “players have somewhere central and dry in which to work on their strength and conditioning and the benefits will show in their performance. Cricket’s a game of skill where size doesn’t matter as in other sports. Nevertheless you can’t show your skill if you’re not strong in the right places and you’re not properly strong if you’re not fit.”

Nepal’s coach Pubudu Dassanayake, who’s mantra is “there is no second place in my game, it's just the first”, says that the hitherto oft-heralded National Cricket Academy is scheduled to start in September at the Tribhuvan University. All cricketers in the national pool and those who are attending training camps will be invited to use the facilities.

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Filed July 19th, 2012