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ACC Archived News - July 2012

Singapore Strikes Back
One of the pillars of the British Empire was its emphasis on sporting values. The ethos of ‘play up and play the game’ may have covered up a multitude of sins nevertheless it actually did inspire millions to try and live with a code of propriety and fairness. It’s a code Singapore likes to operate with, and to tap into that ethos the Singapore Cricket Association has introduced a ‘Discover Cricket Program’.
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Maldives Manufactures
There has some waxing and waning in playing numbers in the Maldives in recent years yet overall, since 2002 juniors playing the game have increased by over 100%. Particularly in the last two years as children and their schools have been inspired by the success of the senior team in ACC competition.
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Singapore Scores
The stakes are increasingly high in domestic cricket among ACC member countries. There are there smatterings of commercialism with sponsors and National Sports Councils taking a greater interest in cricketing activities. Players are keen to find games to play and associations themselves are keen to find ways to keep those players in the fold in order to harness the latent power of all that cricket activity. If it is organised it can be counted, if it can be counted it can be supported by the ACC and ICC. In a reflection of all the cricket they want to record and call their own, the Singapore Cricket Association are on a drive to register more scorers.
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TU To Gym In Nepal
The old pavilion at Tribhuvan University has been converted into a gymnasium for use by national squad players. “It’s a long overdue move, and it means that players can condition themselves better and that coaches can supervise training programs,” says ACC Development Officer for Nepal Rumesh Ratnayake.
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New ACC Members: Cambodia, Chinese Taipei And Tajikistan
The Cricket Association of Cambodia, the Chinese Taipei Cricket Association and Tajikistan Cricket Federation have been accepted as Associate members of the Asian Cricket Council. The countries will next be applying for Affiliate membership of the International Cricket Council. Once they fulfil the ICC’s requirements, development funds from the ACC will be available to them.
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ACC Elects New President
The President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India Narayanaswami Srinivasan has been elected the ACC's 22nd President. Mr. Srinivasan takes over from Bangladesh Cricket Board President Mr. AHM Mustafa Kamal, who had held the post since 2010. The appointment took place at the ACC's AGM in Kuala Lumpur.
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Land Of The Rising Fun
Six Chinese cricketers have been in the English capital playing, coaching and absorbing as much of the cricket culture as they can. “This summer was very wet and we had the highest rain in June since the records began. Despite the weather they had a good time and experience,” says Capital Kids Cricket Development Coach Shahidul Alam Ratan from London.
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Kuwait Widens The Net
Cricket has had enough of preaching to the converted. We want to get new people involved and people not just interested in the game but excited about it. That’s pretty much the thrust of ACC development at present, the ICC's campaign is for a 'Bigger, Better Global Game.' In the Middle East cricket is played and followed in large numbers by migrant communities who are inhabitants, but not citizens of, the countries they live, work go to school in.
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Singapore Gets Women Ready
The Singapore Cricket Association (SCA) are hosting the SCA International Women’s Cricket Challenge. Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand have sent national squad players for the round-robin Twenty20 matches, with ‘Cricket Without Borders’ a team from Australia joining the hosts in the five-team tournament. “This is excellent preparation for the ACC Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup in October,” says Cricket Association of Thailand CEO Mohideen Kader.
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