Surat-based first-class umpire Keki Doodhwala has translated the Laws of Cricket into Gujarati. The 54-year old umpire completed the work in March 2011 and has recently received approval for its publication by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

Cricket Na Niyamo joins other Hindi, Marathi and Kannada editions of the Laws. Thanks to the work of other umpires, the ACC has previously submitted translations in Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, Malay, Russian and Urdu to the MCC. The project was mentored by ACC Umpiring Resource Person Borni Jamula who is very proud of his protégé’s efforts. The intention is more than an academic one it is to increase the understanding and take-up of cricket in the native schools and colleges of India. It is one thing to see cricket or play it, it is another to really master the laws. When that happens, proper cricket can be played.

“It is like scoring a ton or grabbing five wickets at Lord's. I had to seek permissions from the MCC, BCCI, Asian Cricket Council and the International Cricket Council to translate the laws,” Keki Doodhwalla says. "They got my copy checked with an expert, Kumarpal Desai. I am honoured that they have posted my Gujarati version on the MCC website.”

The Laws of Cricket

Filed July 20th, 2011