In a sign of growing awareness from broadcasters that cricket below ODI and Test level is a marketable proposition, domestic cricket in Hong Kong and Singapore is being televised.

The ‘SCA Cricket Show’ is a breakthrough domestic cricket highlights show put together by the Singapore Cricket Association in association with Voxsports on Starhub and features action from local games as well as interviews with cricketers. The show is broadcast fortnightly.

NOW Sports Channel 635 in Hong Kong shows action from a wide range of cricket activity, including the new night matches played at Po Kong Village. NOW provided highlights from each game in the recently concluded 2011 KARP Group Elite Player Series (50-over and Twenty20 matches played by three teams comprising the 42 best senior and junior cricketers in Hong Kong). The broadcasts were a first for a domestic cricket tournament in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Cricket Association General Manager Danny Lai said, “It is a major breakthrough to have television to cover domestic cricket on television. I am really pleased to see Hong Kong cricket has successfully raised its profile in the last two years to new heights.”

Hong Kong Cricket Profile
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Filed July 19th, 2011