The Cricket Board of Maldives have held an event to promote its values among their youngest cricketers and their families. The values: Focus, Trust, Timeliness, Caring, “are more than values for cricket, they are values important in all aspects of life. Be it work, family life or play,” said Board President Ahmed Hassan Didi at the opening of the event.

The Cricket Board of Maldives will be holding monthly talks on these values, each to be delivered by an eminent member of the community and will host a social cricket game on Fridays.

The Board’s values expressed in full:

“The secret to success in cricket is the players’ focus. If a team concentrates on collective goals and individual aspirations that are complementary to each other, victory will no doubt be in reach.”

“Without a good understanding and trust for one’s team-mates, a team will not get together in a desired manner. We aim to build trust among cricketers, administrators, peers and parents, and indeed everyone involved in cricket activities in the Maldives.”

“Respect for set time patterns and deadlines is an essential part of life, as in cricket. Timeliness increases our sense of achievement and satisfaction.”

“Cricket is a game of human emotions and strong affiliations and ties. Players learn to work as a team, give selflessly to one’s mates and place the goals of the team before one’s own aspirations. In the process, players learn to care for each other and to develop close friendships.”

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Filed July 23rd, 2010